Get to Know You – First Grade Edition

There are so many new faces around St. Vivian – both students and staff alike. We’d like to introduce you to all the staff and give you a little bit of the background so you can see who is all part of St. Vivian’s family.

Mrs. Boemker

Mrs. Boemker is one of the first grade teachers.  Mrs. Boemker went to University of Cincinnati and has taught for 18 years at a variety of Catholic Schools, including St. James of the Valley and Queen of Peace.  Mrs. Boemker is from Cincinnati and went to St. Vivian School.  Her favorite subject in grade school was Language Arts.  Mrs. Boemker has been married for 26 years and has two kids.  Her son designs cars for Ford in Michigan.  Her daughter goes to Miami University.  Mrs. Boemker has played the flute since 5th grade and is an instrumentalist for her home parish, St. Michael in Sharonville.

Mrs. Klus

Mrs. Klus is one of the first grade teachers.  Mrs. Klus taught the same kids last year in the kindergarten class at St. Vivian.  She also taught in Florida and at St. Catherine of Siena and St. Boniface.  She is originally from Hamilton, OH and went to Miami University.    Her favorite subject in grade school was art and she loved doing crafts that went along with whatever she was learning.  Mrs. Klus has four children, ages 12 to 20, that go to four different schools – Our Lady of Lourdes, St. Ursula Academy, St. Xavier and Saint Louis University.  Mrs. Klus loves to travel and especially likes going to historical locations with her family.


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