Walkathon Pledging

PTA will be using this website:
https://99pledges.com/fund/stvivianpt1/ for Walkathon pledging.

If you have any questions about this website or their privacy, please check out these helpful websites:
https://99pledges.com/privacy and

~~In an effort to remain transparent, PTA wants you to know that 99pledges will take 10% of credit card and paypal donations for the use of their website and to cover fees.~~

How to pledge:

Step 1:  Parents register their student as a participant at https://99pledges.com/fund/stvivianpt1.    Scroll to the bottom of the page and look for ‘Add participant’.  You can enter student by first name and last initial only (e.g. Joey M) and look for their homeroom teacher (e.g. Team Florimonte for 4th grade). 

Step 2:  Connect to sponsors by phone, email and social media.  Students can also get business sponsors.  Business sponsors will be advertised throughout the St. Vivian school and parish community. 

Step 3:  Pledges can be entered online at 99 pledges (if paying by credit card or paypal). 

2 types of pledges:  1)  Pledge per lap:  Dollar amount x 20-35 laps.  Example:  $2 pledge per lap = $60-$70.

                                      2)  Flat Donation:  Any donation amount.  Every $30 in flat donations equal $1 per lap on prize scale. 

Step 4:  After the walk, collect the money depending on number of laps you walk. 

** Families can also use the attached pledge sheet if no internet access or if you want to pay with cash or check.  Please turn-in the pledge sheet to count for pledge prizes.  Pledge sheets will be returned for collections.

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