Questions about Pledging/ Wonka-thon

  1. Where do you go to pledge? With a credit card or paypal, you can pledge here:
  2. What if I don’t want to register my student on the website? You can either pledge under the main fundraising page here: Or you can fill out a pledge form and your child can turn it. Pledge forms can be found here:

3. What if I want to donate with a cash or check? Your child can turn in a cash or check donation with or without the pledge sheet. Please turn it in with the student’s name and homeroom so it can be credited to them. There are lots of friendly competitions between the homerooms.

4. Can students still get business sponsors? Yes! Business sponsors are accepted until the pledging period is done and will be advertised after the pledging period is over. Business sponsor forms are here:

5. Why does the pledging website say that pledging is open until May 10th? The official pledging period is over on May 3rd but we are parents too and realize that it takes all of us a few reminders to get something done. Sometimes the students want to pledge after seeing what fun the walkathon day (May 3rd) actually is and sometimes the day itself prompts parents or other family members to pledge for the kids, so we give some extra time!

6. Will my student get a prize if pledges are turned in after May 3rd? Yes! All pledges or donations turned in before May 10th will get the pledging prizes if the pledges/donations meet the pledging prize levels (e.g. $30, $60, $90, etc.). If prizes are won from May 3rd through May 10th, the prizes will all be distributed on May 10th (not daily).

7. Why is the PTA asking for so much money? The PTA tries to be transparent with where our funds are going. Check out this post here: Please come to a PTA meeting to find out more. Our next PTA meeting is Tuesday, May 14th. All are welcome!

Thank you for checking this out!! Please email the PTA with any other questions. We’d be happy to answer them!

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