Online Distant Learning


We pray the rosary everyday as a school family. Pope Francis has called us to pray the rosary. Below is an activity for your children.

As we move through this uncharted territory of online distant learning, we are pleased that so many students and parents are adapting to this new process!!!  Thank you parents for assisting them and being so supportive of the teachers as we continue to figure this out together!  St Vivian has an awesome family team!! Go Sabres!! 

Moving forward, we are going to make Friday’s as a day to work on long term assignments as well as any assignment that is posted Thursday.  The due date will be Monday at 8:00 am for any assignments posted on Thursday.  This will allow students to catch up and take a breath, and teachers to prepare for the upcoming week and finish grading papers from the previous week. 

We will continue to take attendance on Fridays!  It is imperative that your child is online EVERY DAY and completing work on time to be counted as present for the day.  We are not adding the attendance in Gradelink at this week, rather, keeping an individual class log.  Teachers will begin adding attendance on Gradelink next week and will use the info from this week to input attendance. 

Please remember that this is not an extended Spring Break- we are conducting school long distance and attendance/ homework polices are still in effect.   

I will be at school from 9-11 tomorrow (Thursday). Several students still need to pick up their packets.  To comply with social distancing, we will buzz you in and the packets are in the breezeway near the gym.  We are asking that you do not enter the school hallways as they are sanitized!   Your child is getting further and further behind each day that the packet is not picked up.  Since Mass has been canceled as well, the breezeway will not be open on the weekends. 

Again, thank you for being such amazing parents!  We could not pull this off without your support and patience!   Together, we will get through this unsettled time!  Reach out to your homeroom teacher if you need assistance.  They are online from: